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Republicans: Mitt Romney will Likely Win Nomination

Whether they like him or not, most Republicans think Mitt Romney will eventually win their party's presidential nomination.

A new Gallup poll released on Wednesday asked voters: "Regardless of whom you support, which candidate do you think is most likely to win the 2012 Republican presidential nomination?"

Romney led the pack with 45%, with Herman Cain second at just 13%. Actually "none/any/no opinion" was second with 21%, showing how dissatisfied voters are with this motley crew of candidates.

The poll was taken from November 2-6, after the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain were revealed, but before the latest accuser held a high-profile news conference accusing Cain of groping her.

Even many of those who say they support Cain don't really believe he can pull it off -- 38% say Romney will topple their candidate.

Still, Gallup calls Romney a "fairly weak front-runner," writing that his support is not growing and he is not generating much enthusiasm on the campaign trail:

However, the belief that Romney is most likely to win the nomination could be a strong factor in helping Republican voters decide on the candidate they will support for the nomination. If he is able to do well in the early caucuses and primaries, the belief that he is the likely nominee will only be strengthened, and may in turn help to increase Republican enthusiasm for the former Massachusetts governor. On the other hand, if he performs poorly in the early contests, Republicans may come to view other candidates as more viable, which could weaken Romney's positioning.


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