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Republicans Might Subpoena Hillary Clinton over Email Scandal

The State Department said that 15 emails from Hillary Clinton’s email server were missing from the records she turned over. The find raises new questions about whether she deleted work-related emails from the private account she used while in office.

The disclosure may pave the way for Republicans to dig deeper into the issue. Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican of South Carolina, and 2016 presidential candidate, said he was planning to send a series of inquiries to the State Department about why they allowed her to use a personal account.

Republicans said that the State Department’s statement would likely increase pressure on House Majority Speaker John Boehner of Ohio to subpoena Clinton’s server, The New York Times reports.

Clinton said she gave the State Department 50,000 pages of emails related to her work as secretary of state. She said she deleted around the same number, but the topics were personal.

Clinton’s confidant and advisor Sidney Blumenthal turned over dozens of emails he exchanged with Clinton in response to a subpoena from the House committee during an investigation of the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. Blumenthal was not working in the State Department but routinely provided Clinton with intelligence memos about Libya which Clinton would circulate to her deputies. Some intelligence had dubious information.

Blumenthal was advising a group of entrepreneurs at the time. The group was trying to win business at with the Libyan transitional government, Vice reports.

State Department officials cross-referenced Blumenthal’s emails and Clinton’s. They found that Clinton withheld nine emails to and from Blumenthal and did not provide the full text for six others.

Trey Gowdy, Republican chairman of the House committee, said that many of the emails Clinton had not handed over showed that “she was soliciting and regularly corresponding with Sidney Blumenthal, who was passing unvetted intelligence information about Libya from a source with a financial interest in the country.”

“It just so happens these emails directly contradict her public statement that the messages from Blumenthal were unsolicited,” Gowdy said.

Other panels in congress may consider investigating. Graham, who oversees a Senate subcommittee with influence over the State Department budget, said in reference to their production of documents to congress that the department “seems to a have a system that is not working very well.”

“I’m going to ask them whether they think Mrs. Clinton has handed over everything she should and what they are going to do about it,” he said. “And if they give me runaround responses, we’ll drag hem up on Capitol Hill and make them answer these questions in public,” Graham said.

The State Department said in a statement that they are “working diligently to review and publish the 55,000 pages of emails we received from former Secretary Clinton.”

The committee will likely be unsatisfied by the statement. Members of the panel contended that the State Department withheld documents to protect Mrs. Clinton and stop the investigation.

Sources: The New York Times, Vice

Photo Source: Flickr


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