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Republicans Call For Obama To Enforce ‘Red Line’ With Syria

Republicans are telling President Obama that he must stick with his plan to get involved in Syria if the nation crosses a “red line” by using chemical weapons on civilians. During an appearance on “This Week,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers said: “It can’t be a dotted line; it can’t be anything other than a red line.”

Rogers also urged the President to consider that other countries were monitoring the situation. “More than just Syria, Iran is paying attention to this, North Korea is paying attention to this. The options aren’t huge, but some action needs to be taken,” he said.

Last week U.S. officials acknowledged that the Syrian government probably used chemical weapons twice in March. More than 70,000 people have already been killed during Syria’s two year civil war, Fox News reported.

“For America to sit on the sidelines and do nothing is a huge mistake," Georgia Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss said during an appearance on “Face the Nation.”

Sen. John McCain was on “Meet The Press” on Sunday. The former presidential candidate said that Obama’s red line strategy has given Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a “green light” to do almost whatever he wants.

McCain said that Assad’s abuses of power have resulted in “atrocities on a scale that we have not seen in a long, long time.” Still, he doesn’t think that sending troops into the embattled country is the answer. "The worst thing we could do is put boots on the ground," McCain said.

One of the biggest fears is that if Assad is relieved of power, the chemical weapons in Syria could fall into the hands of people who are even more irresponsible than he is.

“The day after Assad [leaves] is the day that these chemical weapons could be at risk,” said Chicago Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky. “We could be in bigger, even bigger trouble.”

Sources: Fox News, National Review Online


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