Republicans Burn Voter Cards After Trump Victory (Video)


After Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump defeated fellow GOP candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in Indiana's primary on May 3, several Republican voters posted video (below) and pictures of themselves burning their voter registration cards.

WFAA posted some of the burnings that appeared on Twitter, including one with this tweet: "@Reince @GOP @SeanSpicer #nevertrump After I vote down ticket, I'm out."

One of the burners included Lachlan Markay, a writer for the conservative Washington Free Beacon website.

Pundits are still pondering how Trump has succeeded, but CNN reporter Dana Bash made an observation about Trump supporters, noted Mediaite on May 4:

And we have tried to mine the policy positions that he has and he doesn't give answers. The problem wasn't the interviewer, the problem was that when he didn't give answers the voters, who supported him, they didn't really seem to care.

And I think the fact that Hillary Clinton is still sort of stuck on that, which I'm not saying that's not important, we all ask the questions, it is important to know where a presidential candidate stands on very important issues.

But she is missing the point of the Trump candidacy, which is these voters don’t care about experience. They had the most talented Republican field with the most experience and the most detailed policy plans in modern history and they actively rejected that ...

MSNBC news reporter Andrea Mitchell echoed a similar theme about Trump, reports

"He can draw some traditional Democratic votes with that same economic populist message that Bernie Sanders has used to such effect," Mitchell told senior Hillary Clinton strategist Joel Benenson, who was skeptical.

"Let me just point out, that among the voters who support him, and admittedly he's got to expand that field," Mitchell added. "They view him as a doer, as strong, as someone associated with job creation, even if he isn’t associated with job creation. So you have all these data points, but what we’ve discovered in the last months is that facts no longer matter. Tweets matter."

Sources: WFAA, (2) / Photo credit: Bryan Aknervia YouTube

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