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Republicans Block Veterans Benefits Bill

Republicans condemned the U.S. Park Service and the Obama administration for weeks when elderly veterans were not able to access the WWI Memorial in Washington D.C. because of the government shutdown that the GOP supported.

For weeks, Republicans and Fox News lectured Democrats about "supporting veterans."

However, tonight, Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have given U.S. veterans better health care and dental care at the VA. The bill also would have given post-9/11 veterans in-state tuition rates at public universities in any state, noted ABC News.

Senate Republicans attached an amendment to the veterans bill that would increase sanctions against Iran and derail President Obama's nuclear negotiations with the Middle-Eastern country.

Democrats tried to get failed the 60 votes necessary to overcome the GOP filibuster, but the final vote was was 56-41.

The Republican obstruction was condemned by the American Legion, one of the largest veterans groups.

The American Legion tweeted today, “There was a right way to vote and a wrong way to vote today, and 41 senators chose the wrong way.”

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) called the Republican's obstruction “shameful.”

“Veterans don’t have time for this nonsense and veterans are tired of being used as political chew toys,” IAVA founder Paul Rieckhoff told The Washington Post.

Sources: The Washington Post, Twitter, ABC News


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