Republicans Block Health Care Coverage for Millions of Americans


Republicans and conservatives have howled for months about Americans whose health insurance plans were canceled because they didn't meet the legal requirements of Obamacare.

But the GOP has been oddly silent about the nearly 5 million Americans who have been denied coverage mostly because GOP governors refuse to allow the federal expansion of Medicaid in their states per Obamacare.

A US Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare in 2012 allowed states to decide whether or not to extend Medicaid to more of their poorest residents, noted

The millions of Americans denied this health care coverage are primarily poor working adults without children, but these folks won't be mentioned in GOP press releases or on Fox News. reports that twenty-five states have refused to expand Medicaid, which leaves 4.8 million people in those states without health care coverage.

Most of the states that declined the extended Medicaid coverage are Republican states in the South, Midwest and northern Rocky Mountains.

On the flip-side, 24 states and Washington, D.C. will extend Medicaid coverage to more than 4 million low income adults on Jan. 1, 2014.

Not all Republicans oppose expanding Medicaid, Michigan plans to expand the program in April, but on its own terms, according to

Gov. Rick Snyder (R) and Republican lawmakers came up with the "Healthy Michigan" plan, which will expand Medicaid to people who fall within 133 percent of the federal poverty level.

Healthy Michigan requires co-pays and income-based premiums that residents can reduce by making healthy lifestyle choices.



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