Republicans Blame Obamacare for United HealthCare's Choice to Drop Doctors (Video)


The health insurance company United HealthCare has chosen to drop several doctors in Mahoning Valley County, Ohio from their Medicare Advantage network.

However, United HealthCare isn't being blamed for dropping these doctors, Obamacare is (video below).

The Republican website screamed the false headline: "Hundreds of Ohio Residents Can't Keep Their Doctors Due to Obamacare."

Daniel Halper of the conservative Weekly Standard falsely claimed: "Hundreds in Ohio Lose Their Doctor Due to Obamacare."

For its part, United HealthCare Spokesperson Kevin Shermach told WKBN, "There are multiple factors involved. Overall, our decisions are locally driven, based on a combination of geography, quality and efficiency, ensuring ready access to care, considering relative performance on industry quality metrics and a provider’s ability to deliver high quality care for the most members in the most cost efficient manner."

"Specific factors can include the relative breadth of our network in a particular market, the number of patients who are covered by our Medicare Advantage plan and the type of contract we have with that doctor," added Shermach.

Rep. Bill Johnson, an Ohio Republican, also blamed Obamacare for the choice made by United HealthCare.

“It goes back to the broken promises of the administration," claimed Rep. Johnson. "They promised under the ACA that if you like your insurance plan, you could keep it. If you like the physician, you could keep it, and we are finding that neither of those things is true,"

Actually it is true, but insurance companies such as United HealthCare are either dropping older patients who use their Medicare Advantage plan, hiking premium prices up or cutting their losses by dropping hundreds of doctors from their Medicare Advantage network to save money.

According to Kaiser Health News, United HealthCare announced back in December 2013 that it was going to drop doctors from its Medicare Advantage plan.

Sources: Kaiser Health News, WKBN,, Weekly Standard


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