Republicans Attack Pizza Owner Scott Van Duzer's Yelp Page Because He Hugged Pres. Obama

In was the bear hug heard around the world. 

In Ft. Pierce, Florida, Scott Van Duzer, who is a Republican, gave President Obama a hug that actually lifted the president off the ground.

Van Duzer owns the Big Apple Pizza and Pasta Italian Restaurant, where President Obama stopped on Sunday during a Florida bus campaign tour.

Van Suzer gave him the hug, to which Pres. Obama said: "The guy's just got a big heart, along with big pecs."

Van Duzer said: "I was overwhelmed when I saw him."

However, Van Duzer, a small businessman, is getting attacking on his Yelp.com profile where Republicans are thrashing him over the hug. Ironically, Republicans are often claiming that they are the ones who care about small businesses.

Here are some of the angry, bitter posts on Yelp.com:

    Well.. I'd eat there but after seeing the owner grab our leftist President I felt compelled to disrespect his establishment as much as the President disrespects our constitution. Shame on you Scott Van Duzer for thumbing your nose at all the small business owners this President has disrespected for the last four years. I guess you DIDN'T BUILD IT!

    I hope you're prepared for many more Yelps like this!!! Maybe you weren't thinking, or maybe you are the only liberal pro Obama business owner, who knows.. but you won't get mine or anyone else's business for your treachery.

    Talk about committing business suicide. After picking up Obama, your books are gonna be in the red pretty soon. Not too smart.


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