GOP Trying to Take Away Voting Rights in 36 States?


More evidence that Republicans are determined to grab as much power as they can at the expense of everyone but the rich.

Not satisfied with attacking the rights of workers, Republicans in 36 states are going after the most sacred American right—the right to vote. The We Party reoprts that through a myriad of proposals, they are trying to suppress the votes of traditionally Democratic voters, including minorities, the poor, people who live in rural areas, seniors and students.

Last week, the Wisconsin Senate  added another chapter to its anti-democratic record by passing a voter ID bill that the non-partisan state Fiscal Bureau says would disenfranchise 20 percent of the state’s voters, especially in rural areas. The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University estimates that 11 percent of voters nationwide do not have official IDs that would pass muster for these new and proposed state laws.  

Here are examples of similar legislation being enacted or considered in other states. For more information, click here:

-- In South Carolina,Gov. Nikki Haley signed into law a voter ID bill that would take away the right to vote for 178,000 people, including minorities  and eliminates student IDs as a valid form of voter identification.
-- Florida Gov. Rick Scott last week signed sweeping election reforms into law, changes the Orlando Sentinel says “dramatically overhauls state voting laws by changing longstanding procedures that allow a person to change his or her registration or name at the polling place, puts in new requirements for third party voter registration groups and shortens the number of days available for early voting.”
-- In Minnesota and North Carolina, Democratic Governors Mark Dayton and Beverly Perdue, respectively, are expected to veto voter ID legislation if it passes the state legislatures.


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