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Republican Senate Candidate Steve Stockman Caught Photoshopping Picture Of Opponent

The dirty world of politics knows no boundaries. Here’s a little glimpse into that world.

Texas Rep. Steve Stockman is running against Senator John Cornyn in this year’s Republican senate primary. Stockman fancies himself as the true conservative in the race, and accordingly is looking to depict his fellow Republican opponent as a liberal-leaning moderate.

In order to deter conservatives from voting for his opponent, Stockman and his team launched a “Cornyn Loves Obamacare” website.

The intro to the site reads “John Cornyn doesn't want you to know the UGLY TRUTH about his intimate, cozy relationship with ObamaCare. He may deny it in public, but John Cornyn LOVES Obamacare.”

In his never-ending quest to tarnish Cornyn’s reputation, Stockman looked for a photo of him and President Obama together. When he couldn’t find one, he did what any good politician would do – make one up.

Stockman’s campaign was caught this week using a photoshopped picture that made it appear as though Cornyn and Obama were shaking hands. Here is the picture:

Image placeholder title

The campaign was called out this week after it became painfully obvious that the above photo was a photoshopped version of this photo featuring Obama and former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. Stockman’s campaign photoshopped Cornyn into the photo in Crist’s place.


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Stockman’s campaign removed the photo once media outlets called him out on it. Neither Stockman nor his campaign committee has released a statement on the shameful tactic. 

Sources: Mail Online, The Wire


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