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Republican Sen. Marco Rubio Preparing For Presidential Run

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, 43, has begun planning for a 2016 presidential bid.

Rubio has asked his top advisors to prepare for a campaign, in addition to hiring a leading Republican fundraiser. Rubio has also planned travel to early-voting states in the coming weeks.

"He has told us to proceed as if he is running for president," a senior Rubio advisor told ABC News.

In order to run in the Republican primaries, Rubio will need to raise $50 million, or more. To achieve this goal he has enlisted Anna Rogers, the current finance director of American Crossroads, the Super PAC conservative group started by Karl Rove.  The group has raised more than $200 million to help elect Republicans over the past two elections.

Rogers is set to begin work for Rubio on Feb. 1 and would become the finance director of his presidential campaign.

Instead of sitting for votes in the Senate next week, Rubio will make fundraising stops in California, Texas and Illinois, reports TIME.  A planned book tour will also take him through all the early primary states.

It is expected that Rubio will make an official announcement of his plans to seek the presidential bid in the coming weeks.

Sources: ABC News, TIME / Photo Source: Wikipedia Commons


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