Republican Representative From Texas Makes History By Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

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Texas Rep. Sarah Davis of West University Place is the first Republican to openly support same-sex marriage in the state’s history.

Davis, who had previously endorsed civil unions, decided against signing an anti-gay marriage letter which was issued by House Republicans.

“I just don’t agree with the sentiment of the letter,” Davis told the Texas Observer. “I don’t feel the need to pass legislation or vote for legislation that prohibits two adults who love each other to be able to be joined in a civil union or marriage. It does not affect my marriage.”

Only five of the 98 Texas House Republicans didn’t sign the letter. Though the other representatives voiced various reasons for not adding their names, Davis was the only one to openly support same-sex marriage. “I haven’t had an opportunity to vote, but I’ve spoken about the issue,” Davis said. “In situations where I’ve been asked, I’ve always stated my position, so I don’t think this is new ground that I’ve just staked out.”

Davis has received endorsements from two LGBT groups, including Equality Texas - she was the first Republican to ever receive their support.

“This is not breaking news, and if someone chooses to run against me in the primary and wants to make abortion or gay marriage an issue, then we’ll face that,” Davis said. “I’ve had contested primaries in the past, and those issues have come up, and my margin of victory actually increases every election.”

Sources: The Houston Chronicle, Texas Observer Image via Benson Kua/Wikimedia Commons


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