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Republican Nevada Assembly Member Pat Hickey Claims 2014 Will Be "Great Year" For GOP Because Minorities Wont Vote

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Republican Nevada Assembly member Pat Hickey explained that 2014 would be a great voting year for his party. His reasoning? A lack of voters compared to 2012, with minorities and young people not showing up to the polls in as large of numbers.

This is Hickey’s statement in full, which was given on the Dan Mason KOH AM 780 radio show:

“We have some real opportunities in 2014. It is a great year in an off presidential election. No, seemingly no Democrat on the top of the ticket against Sandoval. No Harry Reid. Probably where we had a million voters turn out in 2012, we’ll have like 700,000. A lot of minorities, a lot of younger people will not turn out in a non-presidential year. It’s a great year for Republicans.” 

Hickey also made comments on-air that were seemingly directed towards the LGBT community and their association with the Democratic Party.

“We Republicans look at our Democratic counterparts on the other side,” Hickey said, “They have the big tent philosophy and have a rainbow stripe on the top of the tent and some nutty characters inside.”

In response to his comments about minorities and voting, Hickey said the following to the Huffington Post:

“We certainly in Nevada are encouraged by Governor Sandoval, being a Hispanic sitting governor who is enjoying broad support. Persons like myself in the Legislature supported a resolution for comprehensive immigration reform and driver's license cards. That is helping the standing of Republicans in Nevada, especially in state legislative races.”

Hickey’s critics in the Democratic Party claim that his comments demonstrate the GOP’s tactic of making it more difficult for minorities and young people to vote in order to win elections.

“[Hickey] is acknowledging that the only way they can win elections is to suppress the vote,” State Democratic Party spokesman Zach Hudson told the Huffington Post, before adding his own Party rhetoric. “They want to make it harder to vote but make it easier for people to obtain a deadly weapon.”


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