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Republican Matt Bevin Elected Kentucky Governor


Matt Bevin was elected governor of Kentucky on Nov. 3, defeating Democrat Jack Conway and becoming just the second Republican governor in the state in four decades.

“I believe I'll win but votes will decide,” Bevin told supporters early on Election Day, reports WKYT. “Momentum has shifted; it is on our side. The enthusiasm is there. Really turns out to be who turns out to vote."

Bevin, a Louisville based businessman, received 511,771 votes — well beyond Conway’s 426,944. 30 percent of Kentucky voters turned out for Election Day. 

Conway’s concession speech was short, but he expressed his appreciation for supporters.

“Tonight was not the result that we had hoped for, but it is a result we respect,” he said, adding that he was “honored by the support I received from so many Kentuckians who shared my commitment to the issues that matter to hardworking families.”

When Bevin made his acceptance speech, he marked his term as a “fresh start.”

“This is a call out to everyone in Kentucky,” he said. “Whether you voted for me or not. This is your Kentucky."

Sources: WKYT, New York Times / Photo credit:


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