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Republican John Boehner Attacked by Fans on Facebook After Reaching Agreement to End Government Shutdown

After 16 days of the government being shut down and thousands of furloughed federal employees not being able to work, Congress finally did its job and reached a deal to open the government and raise the debt ceiling. While both sides were not able to come to an agreement for over two weeks, House Republicans held the government hostage because they didn’t like Obamacare, even though the government shutdown didn’t stop Obamacare from starting up.

House Speaker John Boehner was arguably at the forefront of the entire shutdown crisis, not budging when it came any sort of deal, and only willing to make an agreement if it included a repeal of Obamacare. Now, as the House and Senate agree to a deal (the deal does not include anything about the health care act), Boehner posted a status on Facebook explaining his decision to bring the deal to the House floor for a vote.

"Thank you for all of your support and encouragement," Boehner, the outspoken Conservative wrote. "The House has fought with everything it has to convince the president to engage in bipartisan negotiations aimed at addressing our country’s debt and providing fairness for the American people under Obamacare. Our fight will continue."

Now, after his decision to accept the deal, his biggest fans are turning against him. Tons of comments on his Facebook post show that Conservative Americans don’t agree with the decision, and are incredibly angry with Speaker Boehner.

“I am ashamed to call myself a Republican,” one Facebook fan wrote. “We need to distance ourselves from the looney, terrorist Tea-liban. Anti-democracy, pro-white, self-serving old farts.”

“You fight like a fool and coward,” said one angry commenter, with another even calling Boehner a “sellout.”

“You are a disgrace to the office you were elected to,” quipped a pissed off Facebook user. “I hope you never sleep again.”

Other commenters called for getting Boehner kicked out of office, with one saying, “Back boneless tool that should be taken out of office. He is for his job not the people.”

It’s pretty evident that the Republican party is losing all credibility with people on both sides of the aisle, and one can predict that Boehner and his fellow Conservative cohorts will probably not be working in Washington for much longer. 


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