Republican Donor Fined $50 For Sexually Abusing Maid

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A Washington, D.C., court fined a millionaire Republican donor $50 for sexually assaulting an African immigrant hotel maid and inappropriately touching another.

One of the victims was forced to move after receiving an "aggressive" visit from the legal team of her abuser, John Joseph Boswell, The Washington Post reports.

Boswell, the CEO of Independent Stave Company, was accused of inappropriately touching two maids on Jan. 19 during President Donald Trump's inauguration.

Reports reveal that Boswell, a married father of three children who donated to politicians Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and later Trump, approached one of the maids and "rubbed her buttocks."

"This is very nice stuff, I like that!" a police report reveals he said. She reportedly ran out of the room shaking.

The next day, police officers arrested Boswell, who denied the allegations, adding he was just being "friendly."

"He took advantage of [her] while she was working, vulnerable, and alone," argued back Assistant U.S. Attorney Vivian Kim.

Boswell was initially supposed to spend six months on probation and ten days in prison, but his sentence was lightened considerably to a $50 fine.

The judge also allowed him to travel out of country during his probation, thus enabling Boswell to vacation in the Bahamas three months later.

Many were outraged by the case's outcome.

"Revolting," wrote one Daily Mail reader. "And why does the rich white guy get an excuse from his already mild punishment to go on a vacation while the maid, who gets nothing, has to move because his lawyers harassed her? Old wh!te privilege."

"So sexual harassment has a fine less than a speeding ticket," added another.

As Boswell is a prominent Republican donor, some also included Trump and conservatives in their condemnations.

Many recalled the various sexual harassment cases held against Trump in the past, arguing that his election has normalized such behavior toward women -- particularly those who are poorer immigrants.

"That's such a trump thing to do," said one person.

"The president grabs them by the pu**y," wrote another.

However, others defended the party and the president.

"What on earth has Trump got to do with this man's disgraceful behavior," wrote one person. "So now it is only Republicans that held for public shame? We all know better than that."

"The only thing relevant is that a man touched a woman inappropriately," added another. "His job, earnings, family life, hair color, age, connection to Trump (lol) etc... irrelevant to the situation."

Sources: The Washington Post, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Pixabay

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