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republican/conservitive chistian? no such thing!

I am sick to death of republicans playing the religion card, every election or even when think they are losing popularity. calling themselves "conservitive christians"! a true chistian lives life by the teachings of christ! who faught against conservitive religion. he taught caring and compation towrds the less fortunate, to be selfless and open minded. he was against excessive wealth, he told a rich man to give away all of his money to the poor in order to be worthy of heaven.

republicans on the other hand.  are heartless, cold, selfish, closed minded money hoarders! they are in fact antichristian! democrats are more like christ than any republican! even when they dont claim to be christian! and for those of you who have been fooled into beleiving the bible teaches against abortion, there is only one verse that can LOOSELY be inturpreted to fit. but it says only that it is wrong for a man to BEAT a woman to the point were she loses the child! it says nothing about a woman causing the loss of her unborn child! or even getting someone else to do it! if you think its murder, then thats your opinion, its not backed up by the bible!                                                                                             


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