Republican Colorado State Senator Owen Hill Is A Birther (Audio)

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Birther alert!

Check out this joke made by Colorado Republican state senator Owen Hill. Hill made the comment at a political breakfast last week:

“You spend time out there [in a Kenyan slum] and little kids are running around barefoot in these kinds of streets, and you ask them what they want to be — they want to be an astronaut, they want to be a physicist, a marine biologist, one kid even told me he wanted to be president of the United States. I held back my snarky comment that said, ‘Well, you know what, we already have someone from Kenya as president of the United States.’”

Hill's story came from his time spend in Kenya as former top official from the Christian Children’s charity Compassion International. An audio clip of the joke was recorded and released by a Democratic operative.

Birther or not, Hill has the support of campaign trail rock star Ron Paul, who said “Owen Hill is exactly the kind of person Colorado and this country needs in the U.S. Senate.”

Hill told the Denver Post that any publicity his joke receives is the result of his Democratic opponent, Mark Udall, trying to demonize him.

“The fact that my obvious joke is being highlighted today just shows how worried Mark Udall and the Democrats actually are of my campaign for the U.S. Senate here in Colorado. These are the typical sleazy tactics used by Mark Udall’s radical operatives who are scared of losing their go to guy in Washington, D.C. Such dishonest antics show how desperate the Mark Udall machine is over losing its stranglehold on our economy, diverting folks from focusing on his inept Obamacare rollout.”

Here, for your listening enjoyment, is Hill’s comment:

Sources: BuzzFeed, KDVR


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