Republican College Students Denied Access to President Obama Speech for 'Security Reasons'


A group of college Republicans were denied access to President Obama’s University of Central Missouri speech Wednesday, after they planned a peaceful protest of his economics and were deemed a security threat.

Earlier in the day, some students had participated in a protest on campus, and could not be heard or seen by the people who were waiting in line to see the President speak. At 3:30p.m., the students stored their posters and entered the line, tickets in hand.

According to Missouri College Republicans State Treasurer Courtney Scott, an officer halted them at the entrance when he noticed they were wearing Republican and Tea Party clothing. He denied the group for "security" reasons and told the students that they needed to leave the vicinity, but also stay several hundred yards away from the facility.

“Regardless of one’s political party it would have been a great opportunity to hear from the president,” Scott said. “I would never want to turn down that opportunity and am disappointed we didn’t get to see him in person.”

Scott added that she would hate to make allegations, but that being denied access for seemingly no other reason than choice of political party seemed suspicious.

A spokesperson for the university has yet to comment on the event.

Sources: BizPac, Campus Reform


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