Many view the United States president as the most powerful leader in the world, but for one Republican presidential candidate, that office is still not the highest in command. Rather, when Dr. Ben Carson recently spoke to 100 people at a gathering in Iowa, he proudly declared, “God is in charge,” reports The Gazette.

Sponsored by Iowa Faith & Freedom, a group that advocates “integrity in government, high moral values, constitutional authority and Christian principles,” the forum led by Carson took on a religious tone as the now-retired pediatric neurosurgeon shared his vision for the country.

“There is a concentrated effort to give away all of our beliefs and values all for the sake of political correctness,” Carson told the small party. “The only thing that can stop that is us,” he said, according to The Gazette.

The candidate then attacked progressives, saying that they only “drive the train where they want it to go.”

“As long as you sit down, be quiet, you can believe anything you want, but once you challenge them, they want your head,” the retired neurosurgeon said to attendees, according to The Gazette.

While the Republican hopeful has had zero experience in an elected office, Carson remains committed to running and believes he has a shot at getting the job, despite the large pool of Republican candidates. Moreover, his lack of experience has not turned away supporters. As the hostess introduced Carson at the forum, she remarked that “from a millennial point of view, the fact you’re not a politician is inspirational,” The Gazette writes.

Additionally, as CNN reports, the candidate has already raised $8.5 million -- 67 percent of which was donated by small-dollar donors, considered an impressive feat.

Carson also recently spoke to another group of Iowans at the Franklin County Fair. On the recent of announcement of the Obama administration’s deal with Iran, Carson told the people that the agreement shows “a complete lack of common sense.” In general, the candidate was very negative about the recent direction that the country has taken.

“I see our country and our culture disintegrating,” the neurosurgeon said, according to the Daily Signal. “And we’re in the process of giving away all the values that made America into a great nation for the sake of political correctness.”

Sources: The Gazette, CNN, Daily Signal / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons


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