Republican Attack Ad Uses Picture of Obama Consoling Newtown Mom (Video)

A new ad entitled "The First 100 Days" produced by the Republican National Committee (RNC) shows President Obama consoling Nicole Hockley, the mother of a victim of the Newtown school shooting.

The same Republican ad criticizes Obama for not passing gun control reform, which most Senate Republicans opposed.

According to TheHill.com, a voiceover says that President Obama’s agenda has “already suffered a string of defeats,” and shows a picture of the president reaching to embrace Hockley.

The picture was taken shortly after a coalition of mostly Senate Republicans killed a bill that was intended to expand gun background checks.

The RNC ad did not mention that Obama's "defeats" have come from filibusters by the Republicans in the Senate and the GOP-controlled House.

Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse tweeted that the RNC ad was “disgraceful."

On Twitter, RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer tried to shift the blame to ABC News, claiming that the ad used an "ABC News package."

"The bottom feeders behind this one should be embarrassed," stated Jeremy Funk, of the Democratic organization Americans United for Change.

Source: TheHill.com, Twitter


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