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House Representative Introduces Bill Calling For Congressional Term Limits

Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis introduced a bill on May 6 that would limit congressional terms. DeSantis’ measure would allow House members to serve a maximum of three two-year terms, while senators could serve as many as two six-year terms. Though the measure wouldn’t apply to current members of Congress, it would require an amendment to the Constitution. 

DeSantis, who is campaigning to take Sen. Marco Rubio’s seat, said exempting current lawmakers could increase support.

"Too many in Washington display a ruling class mentality and congressional term limits would go a long way towards restoring the citizen-legislator ethos of the Founding Fathers," DeSantis said in a statement. "An approach that phases in congressional term limits reconciles the self-interest of members of Congress with the public’s desire to see these changes enacted and gives us the best chance to make term limits a reality.”

The bill has been cosponsored by Republican Reps. Matt Salmon, Reid Ribble and Rod Blum.

Though other lawmakers have tried and failed to establish term limits, public support for the idea is high. A 2013 Gallup poll found 75 percent of Americans would support term limits for members of Congress. A March 2015 poll from Gallup also found that Congress’ approval rating is at 18 percent — meaning term limits might prove to be a popular platform.

Sources: The Hill, Gallup

Image via Wikimedia Commons


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