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MSNBC Not Fox News is Most ‘Opinionated’ Cable News Network, According to Pew

Pew’s State of the News Media 2013 report found that left-leaning cable news network MSNBC was the most “opinionated” of the three major news networks. (Fox and CNN are the other two.)  

One of the biggest reasons that MSNBC was given that designation is because, well, the network has so much opinion programming. According to the Pew analysis, MSNBC broadcasts 85 percent opinion segments versus 15 percent hard news reporting.

According to the same study, Fox News had 55 percent of their broadcasting based on opinion with 45 percent hard news reporting. CNN had 54 percent reporting and 46 percent opinion. The rise in opinion programming began a while ago, The Inquisitr reports.

TV Newser reports that opinion broadcasting has increased dramatically since 2007. When added together, 63 percent of segments on cable news networks feature opinion, compared to 37 percent for reporting.

Opinion reporting takes place whenever “analysts” are brought on a show to talk about a story that’s in the news. Programs like The O’Reilly Factor or The Rachel Maddow Show count as well.

Sources: The Inquisitr and The Miami Herald


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