Reports Claim Mummified Woman, Discovered In Garage After Six Years Dead, Voted in 2010


Disturbing details are starting to be pieced together regarding the mummified body of Pia Farrenkopf that was discovered in the garage of her Detroit home last week. Now, reports say her latest voting records may only add more mystery to this case.

Farrenkopf’s body was found in the back seat of her Jeep Liberty on March 5, and while an autopsy has yet to reveal a certain cause of death, it did show that Farrenkopf died in 2008 at the age of 49. Since then, all of the woman’s bills have been paid regularly due to automatic withdrawal, so nobody was ever alerted to her home. When the money in her account ran out last year, however, her house went into foreclosure, and because of that, a contractor hired to do work on the house discovered her body in the garage.

To add to more mystery to this case, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that Farrenkopf, a German-born immigrant, was said to have voted in the November 2010 elections. Officials say that this is likely due to an administrative error within the voting system, but authorities say they will still investigate these claims.

Farrenkopf reportedly has a sister, and authorities say they are working with her to conduct a DNA test in the hopes coming closer to solving this case. The autopsy that was performed on Farrenkopf didn’t show any signs of foul play, but due to the nature of the discovery, police are treating this as a homicide.

Neighbors say that Farrenkopf was a quiet woman who lived alone. Nobody was ever alarmed that they hadn’t seen her in so long because, as they claim, she kept a very low profile. Many had assumed that she moved away, and one of the neighbors actually kept Farrenkopf’s lawn mowed all these years.

A toxicology report has been conducted, but it could take weeks to see results.


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