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Map Show Illegal Immigrant Convicts In The U.S.

Shocking reports say that 169 illegal immigrants with homicide-related convictions were released from jail last year and spread across 24 different states, with the majority ending up in California.

Last year, a reported 36,007 illegal aliens with criminal convictions were released from prison, and of those, 169 were convicted on homicide-related charges. All were processed through detention centers and sent to 96 towns across the United States.

As recent reports note, many of the releases happened under the Zadvydas Case, which mandates that illegals be released if their country of origin does not cooperate with the United States in setting up deportation.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has announced proposed legislation that would help ensure that this doesn’t go on any longer.

“The public needs to know when a person is in the country illegally, and who has been convicted of a homicide, is released into their communities,” said Grassley.  “We’ve introduced legislation that would reverse the court case that the Obama administration is relying on to excuse its irresponsible release of thousands of criminally convicted aliens.”

Wondering if any of these people have been released to a town near you? A map has been released showing the areas in the U.S. where some were released to last year.

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(via IJ Review)

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