Reporters Locked in Room at Sarah Palin's Walmart Book Signing (Video)


Sarah Palin signed her new bookGood Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas yesterday at a Walmart in Rib Mountain, which is a suburb of Wausau, Wis.

Palin's book is supposed to be about how wonderful Christmas is and the glorious freedom that Americans have.

Apparently, that freedom doesn't include the press.

Theresa Clift, of the Wausau Daily Herald, went to the Walmart to cover the signing, but found herself locked in a back room with other members of the media, which she live-tweeted on Twitter.  This was backed up by others in the media on

According to, Clift tweeted:

About 8 media members and myself now locked in a back room. We aren't allowed to talk to guests here to see Palin.

Here in here media Walmart holding room. At least there's snacks...

All media will be escorted off the property after we get five minutes seeing Palin, we are told.

Walmart will not tell us how many people are here to see Palin, but there were 100 lined up at about 9, I was told.

Now hearing music. Palin must be coming in soon. But again, we don't know because we are still locked in a back room.

Palin is in the building. Music playing. Media still locked in back room.

Eventually, Clift and the other reporters were released from the locked room (which was likely illegal) and she spoke to some Palin fans who paid $16 to get a signed book from the former half-term Alaskan Governor (video below).

“She just believes in standing up for religious freedom, and that is a big deal to us,” said Carrie Kolbeck. “I’m glad for her strength and courage. She’s a very brave woman.”

“She’s awesome,” added Sharon Yach. “Breathtaking. I love everything she stands for.”

“She looks like a shopper from Walmart, just a regular person,” stated Carol Prill. “I’m really glad I came... she’s a very honest person.”

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