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Young Anti-Trump Protester: 'Screw Our President!' (Video)

As hordes of protesters gathered in Washington, D.C., to demonstrate against President Donald Trump's inauguration, a young boy pulled no punches when asked by Fox News why he helped start a fire (video below).

Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins was outside the National Press Club on the eve of the inauguration interviewing protesters. At one point, he approached a young boy and asked him questions about a small fire that had been started.

"My name is Carter and I actually kind of started this fire," the boy said.

Asked why he started the fire, Carter was blunt.

"Because I felt like it, and because I'm just saying, 'Screw our president!'" he said.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to participate in the anti-Trump demonstrations, according to USA Today. Protest organizers say this is only the beginning of a sustained resistance to Trump and his administration.

"We believe that it's our role and the role of any people of conscience to try to disrupt his inaugural and have a massive show of resistance," Samantha Miller of the #DisruptJ20 group told USA Today. "We intend to set the tone of resistance for the coming years. This is just the first wave."

Trump is set to enter office with historically low approval ratings. A new poll conducted by Fox News found that 37 percent of Americans approve of Trump while 54 percent do not approve of him, according to The Hill.

By comparison, 80 percent of the American public said they approved of Former President Barack Obama in the run-up to his inauguration in 2009.

The same Fox News poll found that 60 percent of Americans feel as though "it's everyone for themselves" while 34 percent said "we're all in this together."

Sources: USA Today, The Hill, Fox News via YouTube / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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