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Reportage On Gay Marriage & Repealing DADT May Deliver Best Secular Rebuttal

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Daring to fit all the pieces together.. An important report whose time has come.

Have you found yourself uncomfortable with the idea of legitimizing gay or other deviant sexual practices through marriage? Do you have compassion for your gay friends and family members and find yourself pulled between wanting them to be happy and the nagging feeling that something might be terribly wrong with promoting what they do in mainstream marriage? Afraid of being demonized, called a "hater" or a "bigot" or "homophobe" or "closet homosexual" for simply begging to differ? Welcome to the club!

There has been a fierce intent to push through gay marriage without a full examination of what that might mean to all of us. At first glance it may seem innocent and simple enough: just let them get married, no problem. Those who know how social systems work, who know how past cultures have grown small trends through the powerful tool of mainstreaming or normalizing, into full-fledged tradition, know that we'd better take a closer look.

Professionals sit trembling in fear of repurcussion of stating what they already know. Many won't compare notes with other fields to come to a holistic scientific epiphany on the subject. Nazaria Casales stays away from religious stances and instead injects reason soley into an overview and invitation to roundtable the gay agenda. She knits back together data that points in the direction of solid foundations to object to gay marriage being legalized or gays coming out in the military. With compassion, objectivity and courage, Naz dares to puzzle the gay agenda.

In the reportage, the author explores among many other things, how repealing DADT can hurt the troops. 

If you're just out to bash people with a behavioral issue, then don't read the reportage.  But if you're feeling on the fence and don't really know why your hand hesitated over the "yes" or "no" box in any vote you may have cast about it in your state, Puzzle The Gay Agenda just might answer why that was.

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Published on Saturday, November 20 2010 by Sil Houette


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