Most Money Trump Raised For Vets Still Not Distributed


Republican front-runner Donald Trump held a large fundraiser and raised a reported $6 million for veterans in January. But more than two months later, veterans haven't seen most of the money.

A survey by The Wall Street Journal of 19 of the 22 groups originally listed by Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign as prospective recipients of the funds found that only $2.4 million out of the $6 million has been doled out.

One of the three remaining organizations would not tell the Wall Street Journal how much it received, while another said it needed to submit more paperwork before the donation could be given. The third did not respond to the Journal's questions.

However, of the groups that reported, donations between $50,000 and $100,000 were received less than one month after the event. Three organizations got additional donations in March for smaller amounts of between $5,000 and $15,000.

“Mr. Trump has distributed many of the contributions to a number of worthy organizations, and will continue to do so,” Hope Hicks, a campaign spokeswoman, told the Wall Street Journal.

Hicks later gave a sharply-worded statement to FOX News about the questioning of Trump's charitable efforts.

“If the media spent half as much time highlighting the work of these groups and how our Veterans have been so mistreated, rather than trying to disparage Mr. Trump’s generosity for a totally unsolicited gesture for which he had no obligation, we would all be better for it,” Hicks said. “He has raised millions of dollars for the Vets, and rather than being thanked, he is attacked. As Mr. Trump said, ‘No good deed goes unpunished.’”

Trump held the charity event on Jan. 29, one day before the Iowa caucuses and at the same time as a FOX News Republican debate, which he refused to participate in after squabbles with Megyn Kelly, a host at the news channel.

Trump went on to finish second in Iowa, after leading the polls there for several weeks, and losing to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who is now his main rival in the GOP primary.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, FOX News/ Photo Credit: Michael Vadon/Flickr

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