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Report: Trump Security Guard Punched Latino Protester (Video)

A member of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's security team was reportedly caught on video (below) today punching a Latino protester in the head.

The security guard seized a sign that said, "Trump: Make America Racist Again” from some protesters who were demonstrating outside Trump Tower in New York City.

In a video filmed by NY1, Efraín Galicia, one of the protesters, appears to chase the security guard, grabs him from behind, and the guard punches him, reports The New York Times.

Galicia was held back by another Trump security guard as the first guard walked away with the sign.

After the incident, CNN reporter MJ Lee tweeted: "The protester is telling NYPD officer now that he will press charges."

The Trump campaign said that it would “likely be pressing charges,” notes The New York Times.

During the incident, Trump was inside the building signing a pledge not to run as a third party candidate. Trump said in the Fox News Republican debate earlier this summer that he would not make that promise.

Sources: The New York Times, Twitter, NY1 Photo Credit: NY1 Screenshot


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