Report: Senate Immigration Bill Would Create Huge Influx Of New Voters In Next Quarter Century

A new report released yesterday indicates there could be a major change to the amount of voters in future elections.

The Washington Times notes that according to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the Senate immigration bill would add 17 million new potential voters to the United States within 25 years. The report argues that the huge numbers of additional voters could have a decisive impact on American politics.

The Daily Caller reports that the Senate’s immigration rewrite would increase the number of new immigrants eligible to vote by 10 million in 2024 and by 32 million in 2036, according to the Center for Immigration Studies’ report.

The heavy amount of new voters could be a great help to the Democratic party, which won the Latino and Asian voting blocs by more than 40 percentage points in 2012, according to The Daily Caller. The CIS report does not discuss the economic impact of the new immigrants, which proponents say will be beneficial to America, and critics say will be harmful to Americans.

Researchers reportedly said the most surprising finding is that the chief increase isn’t from the legalization part of the Senate’s bill, but rather from the sizable expansion of new green cards, or legal immigration.

The last four presidential elections have been decided by an average of fewer than five million voters.

Sources: The Washington Times, The Daily Caller


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