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Report Says Both FBI And ICE Agents Are Investigating Ilhan Omar


According to a report published by Blaze at the end of last year, “the Department of Justice had assigned an FBI Special Agent in Charge, or SAC, to review Rep. Ilhan Omar’s apparent, astonishing spree of felonies from 2009 to 2017.”

The report added that the “FBI SAC stated that the wide range of criminal activity suggested by the evidence against Rep. Omar may lead the FBI to expand the review to other federal departments.” The report also stated that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the Department of Education inspector general had also joined the investigation.

The report highlighted that ICE’s interest in the investigation was focused on “questions about [Rep. Omar’s 2009 marriage].” According to ICE, the marriage included “eight instances of perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, up to eight years of state and federal tax fraud, two years of federal student loan fraud, and even bigamy.”


The Department of Education inspector general’s interest in the case was aimed at establishing whether Omar’s 2009 marriage was “an attempt to facilitate federal student loan fraud, or other fraud involving higher education.”

The Minnesota Star Tribune published a timeline of Omar’s marital history:

  • 1982: Born in Somalia, Omar is the youngest of seven children.
  • 1997: A teenager, she and her family settles in Cedar-Riverside, Minneapolis, after fleeing Somalia’s civil war and spending four years in a Kenyan refugee camp.
  • 2002: At 19, Omar marries 22-year-old Ahmed Hirsi in the “faith tradition.” However, they don’t legally marry.
  • 2008: Omar and Hirsi, who have two children together, state that they have reached an “impasse in our life together.” They divorce in the “faith tradition.”
  • 2009: 26-year-old Omar marries 23-year-old Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, who is only identified as a “British citizen.” According to school records, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi attended St. Paul high school and then went on to study art at North Dakota State University.
  • 2011: Omar and Elmi divorce in their faith tradition, but do not legally divorce.
  • 2012: Omar and Hirsi get back together and she gives birth to a third child.
  • 2014–15: Omar files joint tax returns with Hirsi, even though they are not legally married. At the time, she was still legally married to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.
  • 2016: Omar is elected to the Minnesota House, and is the first Somali-American, Muslim legislator in the country. During the campaign, allegations surface claiming that Elmi is her brother and the two got married for immigration benefits.
  • 2017: Omar is legally divorced from Elmi.
  • 2018: Omar legally marries Hirsi and is elected to Congress

In June, The Star Tribune stated that, “investigative documents released by a state agency have given fresh life to lingering questions about the marital history of Rep. Ilhan Omar and whether she once married a man — possibly her own brother — to skirt immigration laws.”

Omar, who maintains that the allegations are baseless, has failed to provide any documents to prove that the allegations are part of a “conspiracy theory.”

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Google

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