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How Clinton Campaign Ground Game Lost Her The Election

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may have had decades of political campaign experience, but her ground game in the 2016 election proved to be a losing strategy. Now, a new report illuminates the various blunders that may have cost Clinton and her team the election.

“They believed they were more experienced, which they were,” Donnie Fowler, a consultant for the Democratic National Committee, told Politico of the Clinton campaign. “They believed they were smarter, which they weren’t. They believed they had better information, which they didn’t.”

Politico adds that although Clinton won 2.8 million more votes than Trump in the popular vote, she lost the Electoral College by 100,000 ballots, with Michigan as the epicenter.

“When you don’t reach out to community folk and reach out to precinct campaigns and district organizations that know where the votes are, then you’re going to have problems,” Virgie Rollins, a DNC member, said of Clinton’s slipping grasp of the women’s and African-American millenials’ votes in Michigan.

“There’s this illusion that the Clinton campaign had a ground game,” a former operative for President Barack Obama in Michigan added. “The deal is that the Clinton campaign could have had a ground game. They had people in the states who were willing to do stuff. But they didn’t provide people anything to do until [Get Out The Vote].”

Various union leaders and campaigners have noted that Clinton Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, actively countered strategies proposed by leaders in the community.

“You’re in a state, your job is to win the battleground state, not to have complete fealty to the national campaign headquarters, especially if the national campaign headquarters is not listening,” Fowler added.

“I truly believe she was ahead two weeks out and had a catastrophic last two weeks,” a senior operative at a pro-Clinton effort told The Atlantic. “But that she was even in a position to have been able to lose in the last two weeks was the result of a lot of forces laid in place before that.”

“I think it’s true, they executed well,” a former labor leader in Michigan said, reports Politico. “I think it’s true that the plan was accomplished. But the plan was not the right plan.”

Sources: Politico, The Atlantic / Photo credit: Hillary Clinton/Instagram

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