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Report: Herman Cain "Reassessing" Presidential Campaign

Embattled presidential candidate Herman Cain is reportedly considering dropping out of the GOP race following claims that he carried on a 13-year affair with an Atlanta woman.

CNN reports that Cain held a meeting/conference call with his staff Tuesday morning in which he said he is "reassessing" whether his campaign can go on following this latest claim of sexually inappropriate behavior.

A top campaign source told the network Cain will decide within "the next few days" whether to continue, based mostly on whether fundraising dries up. Another source said it all has to do with "money and support." 

According to Cain's Iowa chairman, Steve Grubbs, Cain said during the meeting that all of the accusations against him "are taking an emotional toll on his family and that this is a very difficult time."

Cain has denied the claim from Ginger White that they had a 13-year affair that ended earlier this year just before he announced his candidacy for president. He has also denied the accusations from four other women that he acted inappropriately with them.

Cain was riding high near the top of the polls when the wave of accusations hit. But his surge quickly ended and now he is back in the middle of the crowded Republican pack.


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