Report Depicts Scale Of Al-Assad's Terror In Syria


A new report from CNN details the large-scale amount of torture and murder inflicted by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on his own citizens. Although the country’s civil war has been ongoing for several months now, talk of intervention on behalf of the UN or the US has drastically slowed. President Obama initially addressed invading the nation when reports of a chemical attack surfaced, but both Congress and the UN struck that idea down. 

The new report was written by three lawyers to demonstrate the continued catastrophes in the region. Its evidence stems from 55,000 photos depicting injuries and deaths suffered by 11,000 victims. According to Newser, the photographs were taken by a former member of the Syrian military police that supported the rebellion and ultimately fled the country. 

The lawyers wrote the report in order to demonstrate just how severe al-Assad’s actions are in the region, as they have largely been downplayed in recent public discussion. 

“This is a smoking gun. This is direct evidence of the regime’s killing machine,” said David Crane, one of the authors of the report. 

Desmond de Silva, another author of the report, claimed that the bodies depicted in the pictures are “reminiscent of the pictures of those [who] were found still alive in the Nazi death camps after World War II.”

According to CNN, the authors of the report are all established war crimes prosecutors and forensic experts. Although they are not directly involved with any agencies that could prosecute the Syrian regime, they believe that their report could ultimately lead to charges of crimes against humanity. 


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