Report: Anthony Weiner Considers Resigning


New York Rep. Anthony Weiner is reportedly considering resigning from Congress, as another round of embarrassing photos has emerged.

A "source close to the congressman" told the New York Daily News that Weiner is starting to realize that as media coverage of his scandal intensifies, he may have to step down from the House.

Weiner insists he wants to keep his job, but with Democratic leaders joining the chorus for him to resign, plus the new photos, he is reportedly thinking it could be a lost cause.

The new photos, courtesy of gossip website TMZ, show Weiner taking pictures of himself in the House gym. He is shirtless in all of them, wearing either a towel or undershorts covering the bottom half of his body.

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Another source told the News that Weiner was surprised that it took two weeks for these photos to surface.

Weiner told his staff he will take the next few days off to be evaluated for treatment for his apparent "sexting" addiction. No decision on what Weiner will do is expected to come before Wednesday, when his wife Huma Abedin comes home from her trip with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


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