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Report: Alt-Right Created Infamous 'Rape Melania' Sign

A new report alleges that a prominent alt-right, pro-Trump activist was behind a "Rape Melania" sign that appeared among anti-Trump protesters in Washington D.C. on Nov. 12, 2016.

BuzzFeed News notes that a Trump supporter named Alan Beck tweeted two pictures of the sign, which served as fodder for pro-Trump advocates to attack anti-Trump protesters and supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

According to the news site, the sign actually came from Jack Posobiec, a well-known alt-right personality, Trump supporter and co-organizer of the upcoming DeploraBall inauguration party.

BuzzFeed News notes that it obtained text messages sent by Posobiec that show a plot to portray anti-Trump protesters as a vicious mob.

Posobiec denied by phone to BuzzFeed News that the text messages were from him, and suggested to the news site that they were actually photoshopped.

BuzzFeed News examined the text messages in Signal, the secure texting app, and found the messages originated from the same phone number that BuzzFeed News used to speak to Posobiec.

According to BuzzFeed News, one of Posobiec's text messages, dated Nov. 10, 2016, said: "Took a page out of your book [name redacted]. I kept yelling 'assassinate Trump' until someone repeated it then got them on tape." reported on Nov. 11 that Posobiec tweeted a video on Nov. 10 with the caption: "Baltimore Trump Protesters: 'Assassinate That N***a.'"

Another Twitter user piled on with this tweet: "Democrats on Nov 8th: 'When they go low, we go high.' Democrats on Nov 9th: 'people have to die' and 'assassinate Trump.'"

BuzzFeed News reports that Posobiec and his unidentified collaborator thought up more ways, via text messages, to try to discredit anti-Trump protesters on Nov. 10.

Posobiec allegedly wrote: "F*** Melania Trump" and then, "Too subtle ... Rape Melania is better."

According to BuzzFeed News, Posobiec sent more text messages to another collaborator on Nov. 12 that discussed the sign: "They are planning to protest the Trump hotel today at 330 and then the Capitol later. Coming with?"

The collaborator wrote: "What's the mission/plan?"

Posobiec reportedly replied: "To discredit them. Infiltrate with the bad signs."

An unidentified source told BuzzFeed News that it was Posobiec who held the "Rape Melania" sign that were tweeted by Beck, but Posobiec denied that assertion to the news site.

After Beck tweeted the "Rape Melania" sign pictures, he uploaded a video on YouTube that featured himself and Posobiec near the protest where the sign appeared. The video was titled "Anti-Trump Protester Created 'R4PE MELANIA!' Sign and The Rest of the Protesters Do Nothing."

On Nov. 13, a collaborator texted Posobiec a screenshot of Twitter trends, which showed the phrase "Rape Melania" at over 15,000 tweets.

Apparently pleased, Posobiec reportedly responded: "Booooommmmm!" and "Woah!"

Sources: BuzzFeed News,, YouTube / Photo Credit: Alan Beck/Twitter

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