GOP Rep Slammed For 'Knife Control' Joke On Sandy Hook Anniversary


Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina tweeted what appeared to be a joke about "knife control" on Dec. 14, the three-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting that took 20 lives.

“I doubt France will respond by demanding more knife control,” Duncan tweeted. 

He also included a link to a CNN article about a teacher in Paris who said he had been stabbed by a masked man who yelled support for ISIS, also referred to as ISIL, Daesh or the Islamic State. The teacher later admitted that his story was fabricated.

After he was criticized on Twitter, Duncan tweeted, "[M]y comments are directed at CA terror attack, not Sandy Hook."

As he appeared to be digging himself deeper in a hole, Duncan tweeted: "[W]ho is making jokes? I'm not. Only joke I see is the President's response to terrorism."

Duncan didn't say what was wrong with President Barack Obama's response to terrorism, which has included bombing seven Muslim countries in six years, reported The Intercept in 2014.

Sources: Rep. Jeff Duncan/Twitter (2) (3), CNN, The Intercept / Photo Credit: U.S. Congress, Rep. Jeff Duncan/Twitter

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