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Rep. Tom Marino Says Obama Is 'Getting Close' To Being Impeached (Video)

Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pennsylvania) claimed last month that President Obama was "getting close" to being impeached.

“People say, ‘Should the president be impeached?’ I said, 'We’re getting close to that,'” Rep. Marino told the Wellsboro Gazette during a Jan. 30 interview that was uploaded to YouTube today.

Rep. Marino also claimed that Attorney General Eric Holder was “approaching impeachment.”

“I think when an attorney general says, ‘I am not enforcing the law that I took the oath to enforce,’ that’s approaching impeachment,” claimed Rep. Marino, noted Buzzfeed.

However, Holder has never made that statement, but did announce that he was stepping down in September 2014, noted CBS News, so it's not clear how Holder could be impeached after leaving his position.

“I don’t think we should be using impeachment just because we do not like a president or an attorney general, or anybody else that’s elected,” said Rep. Marino. "We should be using it very, very sparingly."

The congressman offered no legal basis for President Obama's supposed upcoming impeachment.

Sources: Buzzfeed, Wellsboro Gazette
Image Credit: Wellsboro Gazette


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