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Rep. Ted Yoho Says Republicans Seek to Impeach Attorney General Eric Holder

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A group of House Republicans plan to oust Attorney General Eric Holder by the end of the year, according to Rep. Ted Yoho.

“It’s time to get him out of office,” Yoho said. “Impeachment.”

According to Yoho’s chief of staff, Cat Cammack, the congressman hopes to see Holder dismissed over the Fast and Furious sting operation that left federal agents’ weapons in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. One of those same guns was found at the 2010 scene of a Border Patrol agent’s killing.

“Obviously, there is a lot of frustration with our attorney general,” Yoho said. “Fast and Furious has been one of the number of complaints we get in our office.”

Yoho suggested that someone should be held responsible for the operation.

Yoho explained that it would happen after the return to Washington and before the end of this year. He added that discussion of the decision will depend on the speaker.

While it is certainly possible for the House to begin impeachment against a cabinet member, it has only been carried out once before. In 1876, Secretary of War Willian Belknap was impeached over allegations of corruption.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Sunshine State News


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