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Rep. Ted Poe: Obama Allowing Syrian Refugees In U.S. To Expand Democratic Party (Video)

Republican Rep. Ted Poe of Texas claimed in September that President Obama is allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. so that the refugees will vote Democrat (video below).

Poe made his claim during an interview with Houston talk radio host Sam Malone, reports

Poe repeated an Internet rumor that the refugees look like young men, not real refugees, and added:

Our government wants to take these folks in and take care of them, but yet we have the same administration that won’t take care of our veterans. We had 300,000 of them die in line, waiting for medical care.

Don't you think maybe we ought to take care of American veterans and make sure we're taking care of them before we open the doors to people we don’t even know.

So the priorities are wrong with the administration. It’s a political maneuver on the part of the president just to get more people in the U.S. so they’ll support the Democratic Party, I think it’s a long-term goal.

Republican Rep. Brian Babin of Texas also opposes allowing in Syrian refugees because he believes this policy will somehow open the U.S. up to ISIS members who will set up operations "at taxpayer expense."

Babin made his claims during Laura Ingraham's radio show on Oct. 19, reports ThinkProgress.

Babin told Ingraham that he authored a bill to suspend the "insane" Refugee Resettlement Program, but expressed his support for Christian refugees.

Sources:, ThinkProgress / Photo Credit: United States Congress/Wikimedia


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