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Rep. Steve Womack Scolds Voter for Wearing Mexican Flag Shirt (Video)

Rep. Steve Womack (R-Ark.) was recently offended when a voter, Yardley Leonard, wore a Mexican flag T-shirt at a Fort Smith, Ark., town hall.

Leonard identified himself as “Mexican American” and asked if it was possible “to legalize the 11 million [undocumented immigrants] who are here and contributing” (video below).

Rep. Womack said that the U.S. was a “nation of laws” and he could not “look the other way” while people violated immigration laws. He compared today’s undocumented immigrants to those who immigrated decades ago via Ellis island and did it “the right way,” noted

Rep. Womack then went after Leonard’s shirt.

“I don’t want to put this gentleman on the spot, but it does, just a little bit, okay, honestly, more than a little bit, it does strike me as a bit odd that I would get a question as to why we shouldn’t just automatically make it legal for people who didn’t come here in a legal circumstance, with a flag of another country hanging around his neck,” said Rep. Womack.

The audience applauded.

“I wanna say this to you, that, this is just some good old friendly advice that if you want to win friends and influence people on the issues that you’re talking about, I would suggest a little different approach in terms of my attire when I’m appealing to an audience like this. That’s just a little friendly advice.”



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