Rep. Steve Stockman Spreads CSCOPE Education Conspiracy, Claims Obama Taking Over Texas Schools

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) recently created a flyer, with a typo, that repeats an Internet conspiracy theory about the CSCOPE education curriculum and claims that President Obama wants to take over Texas schools.

This Tea Party conspiracy theory, also pushed by Glenn Beck (video below) and the conspiracy website World Net Daily, is that CSCOPE promotes Islam and communism and is anti-American.

However, according to the Texas Freedom Network, CSCOPE was actually designed by Texas teachers and has nothing to do with the Obama administration.

Oddly, Rep. Stockman's flyer about education also includes a typo: “Stop CScope!  Yes Steve, I’m standing with you to fight stop President Obama’s radical take over of our Texas Schools.”

The Texas Freedom Network states:

There is simply no connection between CSCOPE and the Obama administration or the Common Core standards. (The federal government has had no role in developing the Common Core standards, by the way.) CSCOPE is focused on helping teachers cover the Texas curriculum standards.

Stockman’s campaign committee reportedly paid for the flyers to be handed out to the Texas House Public Education Committee, which is considering placing CSCOPE under review.

Earlier this year, Rep. Stockman tweeted a new slogan for his re-election campaign: “If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted.”

Sources: Texas Freedom Network, World Net Daily, TeaPartyOrg.ning.com


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