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Rep. Steve Stockman Claims Obama Doesn't Investigate Terrorists, Just U.S. Citizens (Video)

Mike Adams, filling in for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on the "Alex Jones Show," recently interviewed Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) about the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance scandal (video below).

Rep. Stockman started off with the false claim that President Obama's intent is that "terrorists are not to be investigated." In reality, numerous terrorists have been investigated and convicted under the Obama administration.

“It follows with Obama’s intent to focus on the citizens as the criminal and the terrorists are not to be investigated. The Tea Party and average citizens have become the target. It’s alarming that we do live in an Orwellian world where good is bad and bad is good, and it’s now targeting American citizens over the terrorists,” claimed Rep. Stockman, reports

Later in the interview, Rep. Stockman seemed genuinely befuddled as to why Americans are "willing to give up their individual freedoms for the perception of security."

This statement is somewhat supported by a recent Pew Research-Washington Post poll that found 56% of Americans supported the NSA spying on them, noted TechCrunch.

“What I don’t understand is, people outside of your listeners, you interview them or talk to them, it’s puzzling to me at what degree they’re willing to give up their individual freedoms for the perception of security, and we both know that when you give up your individual liberties you soon have neither,” said Rep. Stockman.

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