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Rep. Steve King Wants to Repeal Every Law that President Obama has Signed

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) told an audience at the Humboldt County Events Center, on Tuesday, that he would like to introduce a bill that would nullify every law President Barack Obama has signed over the last three years.

King told his audience that Obamacare contains “a certain regenerative DNA” that would make the law “grow back on you like a bad seed," reports The Messenger newspaper in Iowa.

Rep. King said that's why he wants to reset the U.S. legislative text to Jan. 19, 2009, which would repeal every law President Obama has signed.

Rep. King added: “If you don’t tighten the belt on Congress by insisting upon a balanced budget amendment to our Constitution, I’m afraid we don’t have five years before we go off the cliff into the abyss of an economic collapse for our country."

Rep. King did not mention that such an action would repeal the Bush tax breaks, defense budgets, Wall Street bailouts and a gun law allowing people to take firearms into national parks.


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