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Rep. Steve King Wants to Regulate Birth Control, but not Food Safety

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) recently authored an amendment to the farm bill to overturn California’s new ban on foie gras and inhumanely produced eggs, reports

Rep. King said he introduced the amendment because: "If California wants to regulate eggs that come into the state, fine. But don’t be telling the states that are producing a product that’s already approved by the USDA or the FDA how to produce that product.”

In the recent past, Rep. King has said that he thinks states can ban contraception and claimed that Connecticut had a right to ban contraception in the landmark Griswold v. Connecticut.

However, Rep. King’s amendment to the latest farm bill could destroy state regulations on food safety altogether, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Environmental Working Group:

[T]he amendment would “prohibit any state or local government” from “impos[ing] a standard or condition on the production or manufacture of any agricultural product sold or offered for sale in interstate commerce” if 1) production of the agricultural product also occurs in another state; and 2) the standard is in addition to the production or manufacture to federal law and the laws of the state is which such production occurs.”  

This impenetrable language simply means that states would be prevented from regulating just about any agricultural product in commerce – contrary to the well-grounded constitutional principles of state police power to protect the health and safety of its citizens within the state.

According to a report by Reuters, food poisoning illnesses already kill 3000 and sicken roughly 48 million Americans annually. CAFOs, also known as factory farms, were likely responsible for the incubation of swine flu, which has killed almost 11,000 Americans and about 25,000 people worldwide to date.


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