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Rep. Steve King Complains About Hispanic College Scholarships (Audio)

During Saturday’s broadcast of the "Eagle Forum Live" radio show, a caller complained, "Hispanics, I don't know how they're doing it, they're going to school for free. I'll be paying my student loans forever."

"I wonder if that's how Obama got through Columbia and Harvard," growled radio host Phyllis Schlafly, reports (audio below).

"He's never released his records, so we don't know," claimed Schlafly. "Maybe as a foreigner he got through free, we don't know, why doesn't he tell us the truth."

In reality, President Barack Obama is not a "foreigner" and announced in 2012 that he and Michelle paid off their student loans "eight years ago," which was 2004, noted Yahoo! News.

"I do know there are, within some of these university, diversity programs, where they provide scholarships for, among others and to a high degree, for Hispanic scholarships which is giving a free ride," lamented Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa.

"I don’t know about the legality of these students, you can’t get that found out,” added King.

“But that’s pretty tough when you pay your student loans, you’re competing for a job, you haven’t spent a lot of money paying tuition to learn another language because you want to live and work in America where we have always focused on English as our national language if not our official language yet, there’s just a huge inequality there,” King complained.

Neither King or Schlafly mentioned that Obama wants to lower interest rates for student loans and lower payments.

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