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Rep. Steve King Bashes Illegal Immigrants, Claims GOP President Can Restore 'Soul Of America' (Video)

Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa recently claimed a Republican president in 2016 could "restore the soul of America," and bashed undocumented immigrants.

King made his "soul" remarks during a speech to the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List 2015 Campaign for Life Gala & Summit on April 16, noted (video below).

King lamented that President Barack Obama was taking away "American exceptionalism," a belief that God chose America for an exceptional reason, which is not documented in the Bible or any other religious book.

King stated:

"But what's going on is you're watching America be deconstructed from the White House. A man who is taking on the pillars of American exceptionalism with, I will say, a procedural jackhammer over and over again, and the American young people, especially, are not learning the things they need to learn at the age that they are. We need to put that all back together, and how's that gonna to happen? I think that right person is out there, but I'd ask you to do as I do, put up a regular prayer that God raises up a president whom He will use to restore the soul of America."

On April 16, King appeared on the "John Fredericks Show," a radio program, to slam Obama and immigrants, whom King characterized as not understanding the law or being willing to defend it, reports BuzzFeed.

"To put it simply, the president is importing millions of illegal aliens who when they arrive here he thinks, and he’s right, they are undocumented Democrats, and so the next phase of this is to document these Democrats so they can vote," King said.

King later added: "Well, this is the president of the United States trying to stack the electorate in America with millions of people, lawlessly bringing them into the United States of America and giving them a presence here, and thinking and realizing that the longer you can keep them here the less likely it is that they will go home."

King claimed that immigrants don't understand the law because "they come from lawless countries" and are "not at all likely to defend our Constitution or the rule of law."

Sources:, BuzzFeed
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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