Rep. Scott Perry Claims Barack Obama Works With 'Enemy Of Freedom' (Video)

On Feb. 11, President Barack Obama formally asked Congress for an Authorization for the Use of Military Force against the Islamic State group for the next three years. Obama has been exercising a limited air attack against Islamic State group for the past six months.

The AUMF would authorize a sustained airstrike campaign against Islamic State by the U.S., as well as military support and training for anti-Islamic State foreign forces on the ground, noted CNN.

Rep. Scott Perry, a Republican appeared at a “Defeat Jihad Summit” on Feb. 11 to discuss whether or not he would vote for the AUMF.

Perry claimed he wanted to stop Islamic State, but doesn't want to give Obama the authority to take action against Islamic State because the president "might actually use" that authority to further the cause of the enemy, reported RightWingWatch.org (video below).

"Regardless if the military is ready, regardless if all the instruments of power are ready, we have a commander in chief, who seems not only not ready, not unwilling, but really working collaboratively with what I would say is the enemy of freedom and individual freedom and liberty and Western civilization and modernity,” said Perry.

“And in that context, how do you vote to give this commander in chief the authority and the power to take action when ... you know in your heart that if past performance is any indicator of future performance that he won’t, and that he actually might use it to further their cause and what seems to be his cause and just drag you as a complicitor (sic) in it," added Perry.

Sources: RightWingWatch.org, CNN / Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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