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Rep. Sam Farr: Iran Deal Is First Time In 20 Years 'I Will Be Able To Vote For Peace'

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Democratic Rep. Sam Farr of California became the latest to offer his support for the Iran nuclear deal in a statement released Aug. 13.

“After two decades in Congress, this is the first time I will be able to vote for peace, not just against war,” the statement read.

The deal, which has slowly garnered support from Democrats since being finalized, will be voted on in September by Congress.

If a majority disapproves of the diplomatic deal, the only other option to prevent the country from obtaining a nuclear weapon would be military action.

A majority of Republicans have have criticized the deal, though Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York also recently announced his opposition.

Farr clarified in his statement that the deal isn’t perfect, and may not go far enough to limit Iran’s access to nuclear weapons, but said it’s a better alternative to “another costly and potentially disastrous conflict in the Middle East."

“The Administration, along with our international allies, should be commended for achieving this historic deal,” the statement continued. “No other option stops the bomb and allows the world to give peace a chance.”

Senate Democrats have also recently come out in support of the deal, including Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota. 

“It isn't a perfect agreement. But it is a strong one,” Franken said. “This agreement is, in my opinion, the most effective, realistic way to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon anytime in the next 15 years."

Sources: The Huffington Post, USA Today / Photo credit: Congressman Sam Farr


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